Some declarations from architects, projectors and our clients

My name is Slavica Suklan Umek and I am architect by occupation. I’m working on projecting of individual residential objects, business areas and smaller industrial objects. When the objects are built and the clients are satisfied I’m proceeding with internal decoration of the place and with designing of light, which is our special offer.


I’m employed in OS – Oblikovanje svetlobe d.o.o.. You can find us on Dunajska cesta 158 in Ljubljana.

 We want to offer our clients as qualitative materials and as expert workers as we can, so we always try to  follow the news on the market, test them and on that basis advice our clients.

Because of that, firstly on the net and then through the company EUROMOJSTER I got to know the product known as FONATERM.


»The Story « is following:

Our attic, that had five flats, has burnt down in February 2004, we did the reconstruction from the beginning. We demolished the whole wooden structure, the walls, pavements…It was horrible.

referenca fonaterm referenca fonaterm referenca fonaterm

One more thing. Later, when I searched for the web page, I was extra excited. After the fire, that I’m hopefully not going to see again, the materials we now built in are made by all the firefighting demands.  FONATERM is made from high quality car textiles , which are subjected to strict car industry standards. Highly important is so called »fogging test«, which instructs maximum evaporation of harmful substances from the materials, and their rates must be almost null for car material. I’m not familiar with that item in standard insulations.


All of the above and not at least the pleasant approach of the representative, who is now available for me with technical and commercial answers at any time, ensured me to recommend FONATERM  in future, concerning any projecting or just giving information about thermal insulation to the clients.

S.S. Umek, udia

We are very proud of our newly acquired reference in which we used the sound absorbtion plate FONATERM® in the TV3 - Viasat studio.
More detailed information coming soon.
The next pictures show the fitting of FONATERM® in the TV3 - Viasat Studio :


Some reference objects: