Privacy policy

Privacy policy
The company FONATERM d.o.o.  respects your privacy and is obligated to safely keep your personal data, that has been acquired through internet, and is not going to intermediate your data to the other persons without your consent or is not going to use them for some other purposes. There are certain links in internet to other, outer web pages, that are not connected with FONATERM d.o.o. and we take no responsibility for the protection of your data on those web pages.

FONATERM d.o.o. is obligated to, within its best powers, to safe keep the information and privacy of the visitors on its web pages. 
To prevent unauthorized approach to acquired data or their disclosure, to keep the accuracy of personal  information and to guarantee their proper use, we are using suitable technical and organizing procedures in order to secure the information we collect 

Cookies are information about your visit on the web page. Cookie (file with information) is placed on your computer when you visit the web page. Cookies help to make things easy and quick on one side but on the other, they represent invasion into privacy, because they are allowing the later possibility of directed advertising. 

Contents of cookies
There are basic information about your visit of the certain web page in the cookie. There is name of your computer or your name and name of the visited web page. The content of cookie is stored on your computer in the special folder. By double clicking on that folder we can get detailed information about visited web page, date and hour of the visit. All this information is also stored with manager of the web page in question .It’s the easiest way to find out more about the hardware of your computer and about the use of internet. 
Cookies can be erased, excluded or conditionally used if we use certain settings. The browsers are basically set to accept cookies, but they are refusing the settings of the cookies, that do not originate from the address line.