Insulation blow


We can blow in Fonaterm granular on existing insulations, which are build in the object incorrectly or they have lost their original volume due to aging (subsiding ) and with that they also lost their function. For this purpose we have developed the process of supplementing of the insulating layer with Fonaterm Granular, which fulfils the whole volume. In this process we avoid thermal /sonic bridges, because the insulation is homogeneous in all the volume.

This way is being used especially with adaptations on attic objects. It went very well with sanitation of assembly houses.The process doesn’t involve reaching in the objects, it doesn’t involve drilling holes or similar. The realization of input of insulating layer into the average one apartment building lasts approximately 5 hrs, and the procedure is following :

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-On the truck, parked in the vicinity of the object
  (cca 10m) , the insulation Fonaterm granular
  and the in-blowing machine  X-Flock is loaded.
- we put the flexible pipe (100 mm in diameter)
  with so called in-blowing head
  from the machine to the attic .
- the worker on the truck remotely controls the quantity and the
 velocity of gush.  
- we gush the insulation equally on the surface
  (cca 30cm thick) and then we level it regulator
- we stretch the required  foil, which is releasing steam through,
  on the insulating layer (depending on previous layers).



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Layer made like this pays off already in the first year.

The insulation doesn’t subside and doesn’t disintegrate. We added standard supplements to keep away the parasites- (Borax, Boric acid).

I’d like to mention again, that Fonaterm granular is made from extraordinary car textiles, which are leftovers from cutting out seat pillows and represent so called waste. We are not talking about old, used car textiles here, but about new unused material.

You can look at the pictures made by an infrared camera before applying the insulating layer and after its application.