What is  FonaTerm® - granular?

 cenovno pozicioniranje granulata   

FonaTerm® - granular is insulation from textile rest flocks, which are leftovers from cutting out the car covers and seat pillows and has additional substances for braking the combustibility, increase in stability, and protection from insects and parasites.  FonaTerm® - granular insulation in the form of flocks is meant for in- blowing  in the interspaces of the walls, and with that we get one-piece insulation without contacts, thermal and sonic bridges, that is why this insulating layer equally covers the pipes and other installations. The product is protected by patent nr. P-21620, that was given by Republic of Slovenia, Ministry for the Economy, Department of intellectual property. For  FonaTerm® - granular we acquired  STS (Slovensko tehnično soglasje- Slovenian technical conformity ) in ZAG – Ljubljana institute.


Basic products that derive from FonaTerm® - granular usage and are offered by the company are following:
- granular
- plates(soft and solid)
- moulded products and
- gush of insulation


THE ADVANTAGES OF FonaTerm® - granular


·     Excellent thermal insulation
·     Excellent absorption and silencing of sound
·     We also recommend it for insulating of wooden objects and mansards, because FonaTerm® has very good
      quality of drying wood. It is stopping the rot of wood by absorption of moisture and reemitting it into the                 space.
·     With in-blowing of insulation we can achieve the fulfilment of all the empty interspaces and we can equally           cover the pipes and other installations. The optimal insulation is achieved and thermal and sonic bridges are         avoided.
·     Insulation is not toxic, doesn’t cause allergies and work with it is friendly to the environment and to humans.
      With blowing in we can regulate density and tightness of the blown-in insulation regarding different demands
·    At prescribed density of the blown-in insulation and the qualitative realization the subsiding is null because           the insulation is pre stressed in volume,
·     FonaTerm® - granular  insulation emits absorbed moisture, and doesn’t change characteristics
·     With FonaTerm® - granular insulation the wall can breathe, because the flock-structure enables the
      passage of steam through the insulation.

·     FonaTerm® - granular was tested in ZAG Ljubljana Institute and met all required standards.
·     FonaTerm® - granular does not rot or mould, it is not vermin or rodent food.
·     The build in is dry so drying is not necessary.
·     Due to larger insulation mass we have great warmth accumulation and favourable FAZNI ZAMIK
·     Lower energy usage in comparison to standard insulation
·     100% fulfilment of insulating material-volume

CHARACTERISTICS OF FonaTerm® - granular – according to tests in ZAG Ljubljana Institute and in UNI MB.


Granulation: 8 mm
Characteristics are valid for density of in-blown insulation between 50 in 60 kg/m3
Thermal conductibility   (SIST EN 12667): 0,038 W/mK
Thermal resistance   (SIST EN 12667): 1,00 m2K/W
Sonic insulation of the inner wall, composition of two cast - cardboard plates -  12,5 mm thick and insulation thickness of  7,5 cm (SIST EN ISO 140-3 (1997)): 49 dB
Response of material to fire (SIST EN 13501-1): class E (restricted time of blazing, no flaring drops or particles )
Subsiding (ISO/TR 163/SC, method C): 0,1%
Resistance to air current (SIST EN 29053): 1 kNs/m4
Weather conditions resistance tested by EN ISO 105-B02 in EN ISO 105-B04 standard.


USAGE OF  FonaTerm® - granular


FonaTerm® - granular is in-blown insulation, used in thermal and sonic insulation of the manufactured assembly walls , dry assembly insulation of floors or in attic and mansard insulation. Due to this purpose and to ensure requested qualities and to prevent subsiding we recommend different densities of the in-blown insulation:

·         manufactured assembly walls: 50 – 60 kg/m3
·         dry assembly insulation of floors
·         insulation of attics and mansards: 40 – 60 kg/m3
          The use of this insulation is your quickest, cheapest and the only way
          of sanitation of older, badly insulated buildings.


Description of  Fonaterm


Fonaterm is a brand, protected by patent nr.  P št.21620.

The product is top level thermal and sonic insulation made from car textiles that are leftovers in production of car covers and seat pillows.

Fonaterm granular can pride itself with verified (ZAG) coefficient of thermal conductibility, K= 0,038W/mK as well as with unbelievable 49dB of sonic insulation of sound according to SIST EN 140-3 (1997) standard.

Insulation Fonaterm granular is made for in-blowing into pre-arranged volume (space). We use special machines for the blowing in, which are controlled remotely.That means that we have only the in-blowing head and movable pipe in the insulating space as the machine with Fonaterm granular is based on the truck nearby the construction site. With that procedure we can guarantee the quality and the cleanness of work and, as the most important factor, we can fill the whole volume without so called cold/sonic bridges.

Very important characteristic of Fonaterm granular is its elasticity. Because the volume is filled with partial over pressure, it means it is pre-stressed in volume (much like the pressure spring) Due to this quality and the way of in-building of Fonaterm granular we cannot speak about subsiding, because it is non existent but is replaced with pre-stress .

The other Fonaterm granular specialty, besides the most important ones as thermal and sonic conductibility, is off course its insensitivity to steam or moisture, because the primary material is high quality Polyester and Polyuretan, from which the car textiles are being made. These materials are subjected to very high European and American car standards, among which the most important factors are so called Fogging test –the evaporating coefficient-), and that test is very strict in this branch, as well as the velocity of  combust or combustibility test…(cigarette butts ,car fires ).

The existence of textiles due to weather conditions: humidity,  temperature  is practically unlimited .

In order to improve fire safety and in order to disable residence of vermin (insects) we are supplying  Fonaterm granular with following additives: Borax, Boric salt , (these are considered as standard additives in other cellulose-based insulations-paper, wood ..), aluminium hydroxide (chalk) and Glauber salt , which is known in the world as supplement to the cattle food.  Due to the choice of these harmless additives is our insulation also harmless for humans, that we can prove with the STS-06/004  certificate, issued by ZAG Ljubljana Institute.

Fonaterm granular as insulating material behaves similar to wool, which implies the regulation of moisture in place. It is very important especially in wooden constructions, because it means the wood will stay dry or its humidity will be around 12 %.

It means that over moisturizing and consequently the rotting of the wood will not occur, which can be problematic with choosing the standard insulating materials, for example stone wool.

Due to this function of Fonaterm granular is very likely to do the insulation without so called steam obstacle or steam brake.

We explore these possibilities of in-building with help and cooperation of University in Maribor and  ZAG-Ljubljana Institute.


In the company Kopur d.o.o. we have other ways to use Fonaterm granular besides described ones:


-         soft and solid insulating plates ,
-         treaded ergonomic carpets for working places ,
-         anti-condensed firm layer of insulation of  Trimoform tile,
-         moulded products i (for silencing the noise in cars),
-         insulation sandwich for high absorption anti noise fence of highways and railroads
-         Fonaterm anti noise engine plaster for inner walls of objects, where the high level
          of noise protection is required,and at the same time we can accomplish excellent thermal insulation. .



The company  Kopur d.o.o., which manufactures Fonaterm insulation in all the above forms prides itself in high quality level of work, which it  ensures with acquired standards as : ISO 9001, VDA…, TUV…, …The company Kopur d.o.o from  Slovenj Gradec is supplier to the most important car manufacturers in Europe as: Daimler Chrysler (Mercedes), BMW, Audi, VW, Ford, Stayer-Puch, Toyota, Seat, Škoda…


The company Kopur d.o.o. is closely connected with the company Koroški holding, which does the development works, with the company Johnson Controls-NTU d.o.o., Prevent d.o.o., Grammer d.o.o. These companies are manufacturers as well as users of car textiles and they suggest further development of car industry in this area.